Integra receiver hookup - Integra DTR-70.4 AV Receiver Reviewed -

    Lets' start with the basics. The Integra DTR- is a THX Select2 Plus certified channel receiver with 100 watts per channel with the company's Wide Range Amplifier Technology (WRAT) with three-stage inverted Darlington circuits. As to be expected with a custom installer focused product, there is a focus on amplifier quality and Integra doesn't disappoint with their discrete output stages for all channels and push-pull amplifier design. Integra and Onkyo have been dedicated to multiple subwoofer outputs for a few generations now and for custom installers, this can be a big selling point. It would be more so if the subwoofers were independently controlled but according to the manual, it seems like they are dual mono. Included with this model is an HDMI pass through option which allows you to view and HDMI source even when the unit is in standby mode. The DTR- sports all the latest HD audio decoders including DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby TrueHD plus a slew of the newest DSPs. Users will love to see Dolby Pro Logic IIz (with their front high channels) and Audyssey DSX (with their front high and width channels) on board. For those with large rooms or projection screens, expanding that front soundstage can be a huge boon. With the surround back channels assignable to these new channels, you won't need an extra amp for these speakers. You can't, however, assign the internal amps for a configuration and use additional amps connected to the pre-outs for the high/wide channels so you are limited to when adding these speakers.

    Thank you for purchasing an Integra AV read this manual thoroughly before making connections and plugging in the the instructions in this manual will enableyou to obtain optimum performance and listeningenjoyment from your new AV retain this manual for future reference.

    As part of this program we are also extending our standard limited warranty period to cover this issue for affected receivers through December 31, 2017. All other terms, conditions and limitations of the original limited warranty shall continue to apply for the duration of the original standard limited warranty.

    Integra receiver hookup

    Integra receiver hookup