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    Yes–no questions are formed in various ways in various languages. In English , a special word order ( verb–subject–object ) is used to form yes–no questions. In the Greenlandic language , yes–no questions are formed with a special verb morphology. In Latin , yes–no questions are indicated by the addition of a special grammatical particle or an enclitic . In some languages, such as in Modern Greek , Portuguese , and the Jakaltek language , the only way to distinguish a yes–no question from a simple declarative statement is the rising question intonation used when saying the question. (Such questions are labelled declarative questions and are also available as an option in those languages that have other ways of asking yes–no questions.) [2] The use of rising question intonation in yes–no questions is one of the universals of human languages. [3] [4]

    In further interviews with the officers, Venema found that cops often raised “serious questions” about rape reports that could very well be legitimate. If the alleged victim has a potential ulterior motive for claiming she was raped—like covering up for cheating, getting pregnant, or coming home late—she raised cops’ suspicions. Victims who failed to strike the correct emotional balance also risked not being believed. “Everybody’s gonna be different,” one officer said, and not “everybody’s gonna be distraught,” but if a woman reports a rape and is “very matter of fact about it,” she seems less credible. Incidents in which a victim has been drinking “are darn near impossible” to pursue, one said. In those cases, “You know the bad guy’s getting away with it.” And women who report to the police without obvious signs of injury—“their clothing is ripped or bite marks, scratches”—are out of luck. Without signs of physical violence, “you gotta think about the burden of proof we have which is beyond a reasonable doubt. It’s not gonna be there,” one officer said. Another was more blunt: “If there is no physical evidence and you said you got raped, did you get raped? … No.”

    my 15 month old doesn't sometimes either, I really don't think you have anything to worry about. He on such a steep learning curve ATM, he prob understand so much more then you can possible realise.

    And if it makes you feel better, I have 4 yr old, 6 yr old and 8 yr old too and NONE of then answer to their names unles I scream it at 10,000 decibels.

    How often to respond online dating

    How often to respond online dating